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Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – Doctor is very friendly and helpful. He even responds to the messages very quickly and affectively.

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Abnormal, Unusual, Strange Behavior

Dr Kushal Jain – He is Very friendly doctor and 10/10 would recommend to anyone for him for any mental Illness but go at your own will otherwise nothing works

– Verified Patient ,
Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – Doctor is really good but the appointment system is really messed up i had a appointment of 12:00 pm but my turn came at 12:30 so i think there is really no point in taking appointment just walk in now talking about doctor i really don’t have any complaints he is very helpful.

– Harshit Aggarwal,
diagnosed with Dementia

Dr Kushal Jain – My mother was diagnosed with Dementia several years ago, but her treatment was not to our satisfaction in the past. Finally we went to Dr Kushal Jain and his treatment has stabilized her condition, made her more comfortable and made it easier for us to take care of her.
Dr Jain is an excellent Doctor. He is also a very patient, understanding and easy to talk to human being. He gives a lot of time and takes a personal interest in his patients. He answers difficult questions in easy terms and explains things in a positive and encouraging way, making it easier for family members to cope.

Our family recommends him wholeheartedly.

– Nandita Puar,
OCD Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – I appreciate that doctor made me feel comfortable and listened to me patiently and in a friendly manner to diagnose my problem. He prescribed some medicines to start with the treatment and suggested to have a word with psychologist also for CBT to ovécome my problems. Thnx doctor. Pl wish me speedy recovery.

– Gurjit Singh Sawhney,
Mania Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – He is a very approachable doctor. I am very happy dealing with him as he is always pleasant and kind in his approach.

– Verified Patient ,
Mania Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – I approached Dr. Kushal Jain six months back to help my mother deal with a mania that she had been undergoing. Dr. Kushal Jain is an extremely competent, patient and positive doctor who goes an extra mile to help his patients attain relief and overall well-being. He is extremely competent and a positive energy to be around. Two thumbs up.

– Urvashi Singh ,
Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – He is a very humble and a friendly human being. His approach towards any problem is excellent and very helpful to the patient. He will listen to your problem very patiently and provide you with the best possible approach. Our country needs many more doctors like him. Thank You Sir for all your help.

– Amit,
Good advice

Dr Kushal Jain – Good advice from the doctor helped in understanding the situation and remedies

He explained everything related to the problem

His approach is highly appreciated

– Naveen,
Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Dr Kushal Jain – The doctor is good, i consulted him for my mother’s anxiety problem, although it took some time for him to adjust his medications but now she is quite well.

– Abbas,
Changed my thought process

Dr Sakshi – She helped me change my thought process and made me independent enough to take emotionally stable decisions. I was in a very tough life condition and also had anxiety issues that in-turn affected my relationships, physical health and studies. She helped change those thinking patterns in such a manner that I don’t find myself caught up in thoughts anymore. I can feel my glow coming back, 13/10 recommended and very happy with the therapy

– Riddhi Sharma,
Felt understood

Dr Sakshi – It was wonderful.it feels so light.being understood by well qualified people and not judged feels awesome. Doctor is very polite and comfortable to be with and it’s easy to share your traumas with her.A well trained person I must say.

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Totally recommend her!

Dr Sakshi – I have been visiting here since around a month and I have experienced much improvement. I totally recommend her, she is amazing!

– Sanskriti Singh,
Good experience

Dr Sreeja – Very engaging and objective in her approach. She gave some interesting insights about the issue we hadnt thought of. Look forward to see her again

– Sushant Anand,
Felt understood

Dr Sreeja – She is an extremely good dr who knows her job very well. She makes the person comfortable, understands the issues and gives possible and effective solutions. She has this amazing positive energy that makes anyone want to meet her again and again. She has been a blessing for my family and I am really glad that l met her.

– Mohak Kohli ,