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We, at CBS, aim to promote a union between mental health, public health and research to develop evidence-based, cost-effective public mental health interventions in resource constrained settings (low and middle income countries).

Dr Kushal Jain has diverse research experience from extensive associations with numerous research institutions, such as All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Delhi), Lund University (Sweden), World Health Organization (Geneva), MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child (Delhi) and Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Allied Neuroscience (Delhi).

Dr Devika Mehra has previous research experience of working in South Africa and Uganda with a focus on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV, Mental Health, Sexual violence, youth friendly health services and gender.

At CBS, we provide technical support for diverse research initiatives such as:
• Systematic reviews
• Epidemiological studies - quantitative community surveys
• Qualitative studies
• Community based intervention trial for public health interventions
• Clinical trials
• Developing research guidelines and implementation protocols

Current Research Projects

Evidence Building On Mental Health Interventions To Improve Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Adolescent Health (RMNCHA) Outcomes In Resource Constrained Settings.

Research Publications

• Jain K. (2012). Commentary. J Neurosci Rural Pract. 3(1):50-1.

• Jain, K., Jain, R., & Dhawan, A. (2010). A double-blind, double-dummy, randomized controlled study of memantine versus buprenorphine in naloxone-precipitated acute withdrawal in heroin addicts. Journal of opioid management, 7(1), 11-20.

• Jhanjee, S., Lal, T., Mondal, A., & Jain, K. (2011). Heroin-Dependent Family: A Biopsychosocial Context. Substance abuse, 32(3), 157-158..

• Mehra, D., Agardh, A., Petterson, K. O., & Östergren, P. O. (2012). Non-use of contraception: determinants among Ugandan university students. Global health action, 5. Mehra, D., Agardh, A., Stafström, M., & Östergren, P. O. (2014). Is drinking alcohol associated with sexual coercion among Ugandan university students?: a cross-sectional study. Reproductive health, 11(1), 1.

• Mehra, D., Kyagaba, E., Östergren, P. O., &Agardh, A. (2014). Association between self-reported academic performance and risky sexual behavior among Ugandan University Students-A Cross Sectional Study. Global journal of health science, 6(4), 183.

• Mehra, D., Ostergren, P. O., Ekman, B., &Agardh, A. (2014). Inconsistent condom use among Ugandan university students from a gender perspective: a cross-sectional study. Glob Health Action, 7, 22942.

• Sarkar, A., Chandra-Mouli, V., Jain, K., Behera, J., Mishra, S. K., &Mehra, S. (2015). Community based reproductive health interventions for young married couples in resource-constrained settings: a systematic review. BMC public health, 15(1), 1.


We conduct workshops related to clinical aspects of psychology which include areas regarding basic counselling skills, psychological assessments (such as Rorschach, TAT, 16 PF etc.) and an overview of the psychotherapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, couples therapy, family therapy etc.

We also conduct workshops in various organisational behaviour domains like emotional intelligence, interpersonal and communications skills, leadership development, conflict management, time management etc.


We provide internship/shadowing/field supervision for students studying courses in Psychology, Psychiatry, Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, Epidemiology, Anthropology, Research Methodology and Community Mental Health.

The duration of an internship is a minimum of 80 hours and can be extended up to one year.

Each intern is allocated a dedicated supervisor.

Corporate Client Services

Engagement with corporate agencies to build capacity in human resources is an integral capability of CBS. Under the guidance of Ruchika Mehra, the team specialises in conducting Assessment and Development centres for the organisational needs of commercial clients. This method assists organisations in making crucial decisions about their human resource management, continuous job assessments, development, recruitment and positive growth.

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Development of Psychological Tools and Assessments

The team specialises in making customised psychometric and assessment tools for organisations. These methods support various functions and are used for consistent and reliable screening.

List of Training Undertaken:
• Strategy and Innovation
• Leadership Development
• Conflicts Management
• Communication Skills
• Management development
• Personal Effectiveness
• Emotional Intelligence

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